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Accommodation and Food

The accommodations we provide are HOME STAY arrangements. The families who host our volunteers are couples with or without children, joint families or single parents. Our friendly host family housing consists of a comfortable house in a safe, conveniently located neighbourhood, Clean, fenced. Lodging arrangements always have basic amenities like modern toilet facility and running water.

You will have a room or maximum of two volunteers in a room with separate comfortable bed, pillow, bed sheet and a fan. You will be getting 3 Meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), which are prepared daily and served by the host family whenever you are at home.The meals are traditional and nutritious by Ghanaian standard. If you wish to arrange your own food due to special dietary restrictions or preferences, then discuss it with PREVOG ahead of time. Utility bills are taken care of by the host family.

A home stay accommodation fully immerses volunteers in the Ghanaian way of life, culture, learning of new language and the rest! A Ghanaian host family requires that the volunteer who live in their home should be willing to become part of his/her host family with the same rights, that he/she should be prepared to help with the daily household chores (clean his/her room, help to prepare meals or to clean the dishes etc.) The volunteer is required to participate in all family activities, enjoy meals together, read, chat, watch TV together, relax Etc!!

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